Stephanos Vassilopoulos


Stephanos Vassilopoulos
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Relational Dynamic Education and Counselling
Associate Professor


Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos was born in Patras and graduated from the Department of Education, University of Patras (1996) as well as from the Department of Psychology, University of Athens (2003). He also obtained an MSc in Developmental Psychology at the University of Sussex (2001) and completed his PhD in Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway University of London, under the supervision of Prof. M.W.Eysenck. He has one year working experience as a counselor at a Health Center in Patras. He also worked for two and half years as a primary school teacher in mainstream education before being appointed as a senior lecturer at the Department of Primary Education, University of Patras, a position he currently holds. He speaks English (fluently) and German and has published more than 80 scientific papers, mainly in prestigious international journals. He has also co-authored, edited and translated four books. His main research activities include the investigation of cognitive processes in anxiety and aggression, as well as the development and implementation of psycho-educational group programs for children and adolescents with various socioemotional difficulties or mental health problems.


Associate Professor of Counselling and Education

Department of Primary Education

University of Patras



Teaching - Lessons

1. School Counselling

2. Relational  Dynamic Education of the Person

3. Psychoeducational Groups for Children

4. Person-centered Counselling



   Selected Publications


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